Surprising Mattress Facts You Never Knew About

Having Trouble Sleeping? As mattresses get older, a lot can happen to them in terms of hygiene, support, and comfort. Oftentimes these factors can significantly impact your sleep but figuring out that you’re not getting enough sleep is easy. Figuring out why that sleep isn’t restful is trickier, but certainly achievable. Sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to your overall… Read More

 Mattress Guide: King vs Queen Bed

 Are you looking to buy a new bed with a new box spring and mattress this year? Some of your stimulus money or tax refund could buy a very lovely new bed for you. Perhaps you are even considering an upgrade from a full or double mattress to a king or queen mattress. That said, you might also want to know how big a King vs Queen bed is.  King Beds  King beds are the second biggest beds … Read More

Upholstery Fabric Guide

Upholstery Fabric Guide Custom upholstery fabric makes a significant difference to the look and comfort of your seats, sofas, and other furniture. In most cases, it can also increase the longevity of the piece for years to come. However, to ensure quality results, it is just as important to choose the right material as it is to choose a highly knowledgeable and skilled upholstery service. S… Read More

Product Guide: The Englander Mattress

 Product Guide: The Englander Mattress Selecting the right brand of mattress can go a long way in the way you sleep. If you’ve enjoyed 10 or 15 years with your mattress, there’s no denying the telltale signs that your mattress is on its last legs. If you heed these signs, you’ll soon be deciding which Englander mattress best suits your needs. Here at SleepWorld, our experts will provi… Read More

Product Guide: The Symbol Mattress

The Symbol Mattress  Everyone knows that a good night's sleep is the foundation for a good day, and a good night's sleep has a lot to do with the mattress you sleep on every night. Here at SleepWorld, our experts will provide you with the information you need to help you decide what mattress to buy. Instead of pressuring you to make a purchase, our experts will get to know you and what you need… Read More

Bed in a Box: What Is It and Should you Get One?

What is a bed in a box? A "Bed In A Box" is a rolled up and compacted mattress shipped to the buyer in a box. Not everyone is familiar with buying a mattress in a box. Most people are used to purchasing a mattress from a niche retail store that specializes in selling mattresses. Or from large retail stores with a home furniture department such as Kmart, Big Lots, or Sears. Once the bed in a bo… Read More

Microfiber Sheets: What Are They?

Are microfiber sheets right for me? Bed sheets serve more than the purpose of covering the mattresses people lay on. They determine the quality of sleep and also contribute to the interior design of the home. Choosing what bed sheets to buy, therefore, involves having such factors to consider. The market provides a variety of bed sheets for a person to select; silk, cotton, linen, and microfiber.… Read More

What Are The Types Of Pillows?

Types of Pillows: Top 4 and Their Varieties The pillow is one component of your bed that most people ignore, sometimes even for years. Nearly everyone sleeps on a pillow, but not everyone knows how to get the most suitable long-lasting pillow. Understanding the different types of pillows would help you make the right choice. You would do so by comparing their advantages against disadvantages. Ad… Read More

Correlation Between Your Sleep And Immune System

Are you wondering about the connection between sleep and immune system function? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are trying anything and everything to boost their immune systems to stay healthy. Ginger root, a powerful antioxidant, is flying off the shelves. People are downing concoctions made of green tea and cayenne pepper. But your best bet to stay healthy—other than following establish… Read More

How to Buy a Mattress Online

It’s possible to find practically anything online, and that makes shopping incredibly easy and convenient. No longer does a person have to go out of their way to head to the store. Now, they can go online at any time and shop for what they need. It doesn’t matter what they are wearing or what they look like, and it gets done on their schedule. If a person is currently shopping for a mattres… Read More