Microfiber Sheets: What Are They?

Are microfiber sheets right for me?

Bed sheets serve more than the purpose of covering the mattresses people lay on. They determine the quality of sleep and also contribute to the interior design of the home. Choosing what bed sheets to buy, therefore, involves having such factors to consider. The market provides a variety of bed sheets for a person to select; silk, cotton, linen, and microfiber.

Cotton is a popular material in most bed sheets, but a new rival has entered the market that people are nowadays leaning towards. Microfiber, as a material, has been present since the 1970s but had limited use in the textile industry. Discovery of the benefits of microfiber has revolutionized the textile industry to the point that the material is being used in making towels, curtains, sheets, and cleaning clothes due to its properties.

What are microfiber sheets?Sleepworld mattress store shows you a photo of what microfiber sheets look like.

Microfiber sheets are bedsheets made with very thin fibers, also known as microfibers, woven together tightly using a machine. The weaving process makes the sheets light in weight. The sheets are made of materials like nylon and polyester, with the former having greater use. Since the sheets are synthetic, they have the advantage of withstanding shrinkage, unlike its natural counterparts like cotton and linen.
Sheets made of cotton tend to shed many fibers that can get stuck in a person’s hair when they sleep on them.

The sheets do not shed fibers, making them excellent for bed sheets. The sheets also have different thicknesses from which the buyer can select. The thickness of fibers in the sheets is directly related to the price a person will pay for the sheet. Thicker sheets are more expensive but also more durable compared to sheets with fine fibers. The thickness is measured using a unit known as a denier. The higher the denier value, the thicker the fabric of the sheets.

Benefits of microfiber sheets.

1. They are more affordable.

Many people consider buying sheets as an investment. The cost of microfiber sheets is determined by the denier value, just as is the cost of cotton sheets determined by thread count. Sheets with a higher denier value are more costly than those with a lower value. However, compared to cotton sheets with a high thread count, microfiber sheets with a high denier value are more affordable. It is, therefore, wise to buy the sheets, especially if the buyer has many beds at home.

2. They require low maintenance.

Cleaning the sheets requires no special detergents or instructions. Owners of the sheets do not need to spend more by buying special detergents specifically meant for the sheets. The sheets can withstand the normal cycle of laundry machines and the heat of the dryer. They can also be dried out in the sun if preferable. Cleaning also does not affect the shape and size of the sheets. The sheets do not crease after washing, saving the owner from the need to fold them immediately.

3. They are durable.

The sheets do not shed fiber, enabling them to last longer because they do not wear out. The durability is, however, dependent on the denier value of the sheets. Sheets with a higher denier count are generally more long-lasting than those with a low denier count. It is, therefore, advisable to purchase expensive high denier value sheets than low denier value sheets in the long run.

4. They are soft.

The sheets feel very soft and soothing to the skin guaranteeing a restful night. The soft nature of the sheets is due to their thin and fine fabrics.

5. They are resistant to stain.

Everyone is aware of how tough it is to get rid of a stain on cotton and linen fabrics. Thankfully, owning microfiber sheets saves them from such problems. Removing stains such as mud or coffee from microfiber is relatively easy, no matter how long it takes before cleaning it. Furthermore, the fabric of the sheets is resistant to cleaning products meaning the owners can use any cleaning product they desire.

6. They are warm and allow airflow.

The benefit of warmth is specific to people with cold feet or those that generally get cold at night. The thicker the fiber, the higher its ability to retain heat. The weaving of the sheets is such that air can be trapped within the fibers. Therefore, the airflow between the fibers reduces the build-up of heat and, at the same time, retains heat. Heat build-up can cause night sweating and make sleep uncomfortable. The sheets, therefore, allows one to have a comfortable night.

7. There are a variety of colors for one to select from.

Since bed sheets also contribute to the design of the home, the sheets provide a wide range of colors to buyers. The buyer can purchase good sheets and, at the same time, get satisfied with the look the sheets add to their bedroom.

8. They are lightweight.

No one likes bulky materials in their drawers, whether its clothes or bed sheets. The fine fabrics of microfiber sheets make the sheets light to carry.

Downsides of microfiber sheets.A photo of white microfiber sheets.

To make a proper decision, the buyer must also understand some downsides that the sheets have. The benefits are, however, more when compared to the downsides.

1. The sheets attract other fibers.

The fabric of the sheets is prone to creating electrostatic forces, which in turn attracts other fabrics such as hair. The forces also tend to worsen during cold seasons.

2. The sheets may be flammable.

Not all microfiber sheets are flammable. Only sheets made from hydrocarbons, like polyester, are flammable. While buying the sheets, the buyer needs to be aware of the fabric of the sheet and know to care for the sheets properly to avoid any accidental fires.

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