Boat Mattresses

Custom Boat Mattress


Bring the comfort of your mattress at home aboard your boat with a custom boat mattress. The same comfortable sleep you get at home can become a reality. At Sleepworld, we handcraft mattresses with the highest quality material, solid construction and unparalleled expertise. Whether you need a sailboat mattress or yacht mattress for your master stateroom, be prepared to enjoy deeper and better quality sleep after a long day out on the water.


To start your custom mattress order, fill out the form on this page and a Sleepworld representative will call you to finish the details! Yes, it is that easy! Our comfortable mattresses will make your home away from home actually feel like home. Our mattress specialists promise to produce a custom marine mattress that matches your exact specifications and desires. 


If you need assistance measuring for your desired mattress, a Sleepworld representative can come to you (*within a 20 mile radius around our store in Edmond, OK) or try these steps to accurately measure for your custom mattress. 


*Please note, custom mattresses are non-refundable and do not qualify for our comfort guarantee.


About Your Boat Mattress:

  • Keeping it Dry

One of the biggest concerns is keeping your mattress dry; this can lead to problems down the line, such as mold and mildew. Prevent this by allowing more space under the bed for airflow, which can be done by drilling holes underneath where the mattress is resting or elevating with plastic fiber.   


  • Foam Density 

Another aspect to note about your boat mattress is the foam density. High-density foam offers a more substantial amount of support and less give as you lie down on the foam mattress. We recommend that you test out varying levels of foam density to achieve an adequate amount of support.  


  • Cleaning

Due to the different elements your boat mattress, it may require more cleaning and care than your everyday bed. You should flip and rotate your mattress at least twice a year. Be sure to vacuum on and around where the mattress is going to be placed back down after flipping it. It also may be wise to invest in a mattress protector. Put these on around the time your boating season ends; this way, it can be fresh and ready for the new season.

Let's Start Your Custom Mattress!

Don’t worry if you can’t answer every question. We’ll contact you and go over the details together.