Product Guide: The Englander Mattress

 Product Guide: The Englander Mattress

Selecting the right brand of mattress can go a long way in the way you sleep. If you’ve enjoyed 10 or 15 years with your mattress, there’s no denying the telltale signs that your mattress is on its last legs. If you heed these signs, you’ll soon be deciding which Englander mattress best suits your needs.

Here at SleepWorld, our experts will provide you with the information you need to help you decide what Englander mattress to buy. Instead of pressuring you to make a purchase, our experts will get to know you, and what you need, so you can leave SleepWorld as a happy customer. Additionally, we offer a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee, a warranty, same day/next day delivery, and financing and purchasing options. We are locally run in Edmond, Oklahoma.

a photo of an englander mattress from SleppWorld Mattress StoreWe sell several different brands of mattresses, including the Englander Mattress. Englander has-been selling mattresses since 1894 and has been building them to last. Englander mattresses are bench-made using timeless techniques and proven materials. They pride themselves on building nothing fake or overly fancy while keeping the design simple and beautiful. 

1. Pisa

The Pisa is available in queen and king sizes. The Pisa ranges from $719 – $1,128.95 depending on size and foundation options. You can opt-out or choose between 5″ and 9″ foundations. The Pisa is built with advanced comfort in mind with state of the art material handling systems & upholstery equipment. The tri-zone wrapped coils are individually wrapped in a Quadcoil support system designed to reduce motion transfer; zoned for more support where it is needed with a foam encased perimeter support. 

2. Arcadia Pillow Top

The Arcadia Pillow Top is available in Full, Queen, and King sizes. The Arcadia Pillow Top ranges from $519 – $958.00. Five-inch and nine inch foundations are also available for this mattress. The Arcadia Pillow Top is a mattress packed full of great features and components at an unbelievable price. It all starts with a unique tri-zoned pocketed coil innerspring. These fabric wrapped coils are designed to be very conforming and stable to help shape our bodies and minimize motion transfer. The center third of the Arcadia Pillow Top has gel-infused memory foam, which helps add additional support to the lumbar area. Combined with super soft foam layers and a luxurious knit cover, all of this makes for one great mattress at an incredible price.

3. Arcadia Firm 

The Arcadia Firm is available in Full, Queen, and King. The Arcadia Firm ranges from $519 – $958.00, coming with the same 5″ and 9″ foundations. The Arcadia Firm is a mattress packed full of great features and components at an unbelievable price. Flexible, firm, and supportive, you’ll love the way the Arcadia Firm mattress provides support all night long. 

a photo of an englander mattress4. Becca

The Becca is a mattress packed full of great features and components at an unbelievable price. The Becca ranges from $619 – $978.00 and is available in Full, Queen, and King size options. Foundation options are five inches and nine inches. Super soft foam layers make this one of the most comfortable and relaxed mattresses you’ll ever sleep on. 

5. Turin

The Turin ranges from $669.00 – $1,078.95 and comes in Queen and King sizes, with the same 5″ and 9″ foundation options. The Turin provides the same comfort and support that all Englander mattresses come with, and more. This firm mattress has tremendous support, strength, and stability. 

SleepWorld’s variety of Symbol Mattresses offer enough range to suit any customer. Whether you need a firm mattress with extra support or a super soft, plush mattress to rest on, Symbol Mattress is the brand for you. SleepWorld has you covered with multiple sizing and foundation options, purchasing and financing options, warranties, and exceptional customer support. Our Same/Next Day delivery options are affordable so that you can sleep in the bed of your dreams the very next day.

Come to SleepWorld to see which Englander mattress is right for you. Our experts will be happy to guide you through the buying process. Not to mention you can lie down and feel which mattress you want to sleep in every night! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns as you decide which Englander Mattress you want to sleep in at night!

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