What Are The Types Of Pillows?

Types of Pillows: Top 4 and Their Varieties

The pillow is one component of your bed that most people ignore, sometimes even for years. Nearly everyone sleeps on a pillow, but not everyone knows how to get the most suitable long-lasting pillow. Understanding the different types of pillows would help you make the right choice. You would do so by comparing their advantages against disadvantages.

Advantages of Memory Foam Pillows

A photo of a memory foam pillow, one of the many types of pillows.

Memory foam pillows keep “memory” of their shape and size after you have used them.
• Memory pillows help your body to relax. When you are in a relaxed position, everything, including the neck and head, rests appropriately. In a way, the pillow provides therapy that could have a healing or preventive effect on your vital organ- the backbone.
• Memory foam pillows are not like some other types of pillows that trap minute particles. Some even emit the particles themselves. It does not host dust mites- this protects you from inhaling harmful particles and getting allergic infections.
• These pillows are long-lasting- given that they are of high-quality material, and do not allow for particles and microorganisms to survive. These qualities make the pillows to remain clean- that explains why they have a longer lifespan.
• Memory foam pillows keep your neck in line with your head. This alignment could have an effect on reducing snoring.


• The dense foam material inside the pillow can trap heat and cause you discomfort and sweating
• Memory pillows are not friendly to too hot or too cold temperatures. They either become too soft and weak or too hard. Both conditions are not desirable

Types of Memory Foam Pillows:

Shredder Memory Foam Pillow
Shredder memory foam pillow has its foam material shredded into tiny pieces. The shredded pieces are the reason for its name. This pillow has a more comfortable feeling than most other types of pillows.

Contoured Memory Foam
The reason for the name is the meaning of the name. This pillow has two contours. The middle part has a small dip that takes the head while the lower harder part supports the neck—contoured Memory Foam pillow supports realignment of the spine.

Traditional style Memory Foam Pillow
Traditional style memory pillow got its name from the fact that it is the original form of these pillows. This pillow bears most of the disadvantages of memory foam pillows. Its limitations are the ones that led to the innovation of the other types.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows have bird feather fillings that can be protected using sturdy pillow covers. Although they are almost like the other popular types of pillows, they are not in everyday use contemporary. Even then, feather pillows can be perfect if you are looking for a light, soft pillows.

Advantages of Feather Pillows

• They are natural and soft- hence a comfortable feeling
• You can maintain these type of pillows without a hustle
• They are easy to carry around and to stuff inside a carrier. Feather pillows could be you ideal camp-mate
• They are more durable than some other types. Since feathers are flexible, the arrangement of fillings remains intact after every use.

Disadvantages of Feather Pillows

• Feather pillows are not sturdy enough to offer adequate resistance to your weight. They are not the ideal support for the neck and spine
• The feather fillings sometimes stick out of the pillows and can be stubborn
• People who are allergic to feather cannot find feather pillows suitable to use

Down Pillows

Down refers to the materials that stuff these pillows. They use extracts from bird feathers- the soft bottom parts of those feathers.
Down pillows are among the naturally-filled pads- in a similar category with feather pillows.

Advantages of Down Pillows

• They are lightweight due to the nature of stuffing material
• They have a soothing softness that comforts your sleep
• Like the similar feather pillows, down pillows can last long enough. You only need to maintain them properly and handle them with care
• The stuffing material is naturally available- this means that you can restuff your pillows

Disadvantages of Down Pillows

• The extraction of the filling materials may come with hurting birds. Hurting birds for feathers goes against conservation and animal rights
• This types of pillows can be expensive
• They are not very strong. Hence they do not offer proper support
• They require extra care if they have to remain clean

Varieties of Down PillowsSleepworld mattress store shows you a down pillow.

Egyptian Down Goose Pillow
This pillow contains a mixture of down and feathers. Feather covers only 20% of the fillings. It is a durable variety made from the sturdy Egyptian cotton. Egyptian Down pillow supports the neck better than other types.

Continental Bedding Goose Down Pillow
Continental bedding 100% down pillow is a modified variety of down pillows with a bias in comfort. This pillow uses high-quality material for durability. The unavoidable fact is that this pillow is costly compared to the other varieties. As the name suggests, the stuffing material in this pillow is the soft goose down.

Latex Pillows

Latex, the material used in filling these types of pillows, is a natural extract from trees. The process of stuffing the pillows is the one that makes latex pillows synthetic.

Varieties of Latex Pillows:

Talalay Latex Pillows
This variety of latex pillows is strong enough to make you feel comfortable. It does not support the survival of dust mite and is soft.

Dunlop Latex Pillows
Dunlop latex pillows are weaker than the Talalay variety. They do not last for long, although the other characteristics are similar.

Advantages of Latex Pillows

• Latex material feels extraordinarily comfortable and lasts longer than others like feathers and down
• Latex pillows are flexible. They adjust to your weight and return to original shape after you stop using them
• Provided you wipe any visible dirt clean, you may not need to wash these types of pillows now and then

Disadvantages of Latex Pillows

• The extraction process of latex interferes with its original content. What you use at home is not pure latex
• Even though these types of pillows do not hold dust mites, latex itself can trigger allergic reactions

Those are some of the common types of pillows and their respective strength. Although the list is not exhaustive, it is enough to trigger informative action on your part. You can contact Sleep World for a variety of selections.

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