Bed in a Box: What Is It and Should you Get One?

What is a bed in a box?

A “Bed In A Box” is a rolled up and compacted mattress shipped to the buyer in a box. Not everyone is familiar with buying a mattress in a box. Most people are used to purchasing a mattress from a niche retail store that specializes in selling mattresses. Or from large retail stores with a home furniture department such as Kmart, Big Lots, or Sears.

Once the bed in a box arrives, the owner must unbox and unroll the mattress. Each manufacturer recommends a set amount of time to allow the mattress to expand before use.

What types of mattresses come in a box?

Most mattresses except for the innerspring mattress sell in a box. Some brands will sell you an innerspring in a box, but durable coils used in an innerspring don’t fare well when rolled up and compacted. The stable support soils of an innerspring mattress disfigure during the process of rolling up the mattress. Thus, we will focus on mattresses that don’t receive damage during the roll-up and boxing process.

A latex mattress can be from organic, synthetic, or natural materials. This type of mattress is durable and comfortable. Latex mattress conforms to the body and bounces back to retain its shape.

The memory foam mattress is soft, provides support, and conforms to the body. Support varies in different memory foam mattresses.

A hybrid mattress combines the support of a coil system with the comfort of memory foam. The coils used in a hybrid mattress are thinner and more flexible, making the mattress easy to ship in a box.

Sleep World shows different types of mattresses in a box

The Benefits

1. Affordable
Mattresses that are sold directly from the manufacturer or at an online retail website ship directly to the purchaser and result in a more affordable price. This purchase cuts out the middleman of a brick and mortar store that would increase the price and removes the delivery fees that they would charge.

2. Great Quality.
You might think that a bed in a box mattresses is so affordable because it is not well-made, but that is not true. Mattresses that are sold and shipped in a box have the same high-quality materials and techniques as mattresses sold in stores. Each mattress manufacturer clearly states the method of construction and materials in the description.

3. Convenience.
If you buy a mattress in a box, it may arrive within two to three days, depending on where you bought it. Or the arrival may take as long as a week to two weeks.

The Downsides of buying a bed in a box

1. Mattresses are sometimes hard to return.
Not all transactions are smooth. Sometimes you may receive a mattress that is defective and will need to return it. The ease of return and replacing a mattress depends on the place where it was purchased. Buying direct from the manufacturer’s website may make returns smoother. Some sites like Amazon make it surprisingly easy to return items.

However, there is the added difficulty of physically returning a mattress. Once it has been unboxed and expanded, it will be impossible to roll up and box up that mattress without a roll-up machine. Make sure to research the different mattress brands before buying and, if unsure, email the manufacturer to find out the return policy before purchasing. Some brands may ship you a new mattress and have you discard the defective mattress.

2. You can’t see the mattress before buying it.
A purchase is made based on a picture and a description. This experience is different from buying a mattress at a brick and mortar store that has a display and allows people to touch and lay down on the mattress to test it. Many affordable, high-quality mattresses sell as a bed in the box, but as with all products, there are the few that try to cut corners with low-cost materials and shoddy construction. It’s best to research and comparison shop before buying to make a good purchase.

Things to look for when buying a bed in a box

When choosing the right mattress, it’s best to research and comparison shop. Here are some details to research when shopping for the best bed in a box mattress.

1. Return Policy
Find the manufacturers return policy. It’s best to verify the manufacturer’s return policy on the possibility that you may need it.

2. Warranty
Even an affordable mattress is quite an investment for some people, and a warranty ensures that the company will replace the mattress during a certain amount of time. Look for a five or ten-year warranty.

3. Sleep Trial
Several reputable mattress manufacturers offer a 100-night sleep trial. Sleep on the mattress risk-free for 100 nights and return the mattress within that time if it doesn’t feel right or doesn’t offer the support you need.

4. Materials
The materials and the number of layers used in mattress construction affect the quality of the mattress. Most mattress companies are transparent with all of the information needed to choose the description. Some have pictures detailing the construction of the mattress.

A bed in a box mattress is a good deal for budget-conscious buyers willing to put in the work of researching several brands to find the best mattress.Sleep World Mattress shows off different bed in a box

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