Mattress Guide: King vs Queen Bed

 Are you looking to buy a new bed with a new box spring and mattress this year? Some of your stimulus money or tax refund could buy a very lovely new bed for you. Perhaps you are even considering an upgrade from a full or double mattress to a king or queen mattress. That said, you might also want to know how big a King vs Queen bed is. 

SleepWorld Mattress tells you the difference between a king vs queen bed

King Beds

 King beds are the second biggest beds you can buy. California king beds are the largest. Most people don’t have enough room in their master bedrooms for a California King because these beds measure 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. That’s four inches shorter in width than a standard King and four inches longer than the King. 

 Yet if you put a California King in a room, you will immediately notice how huge these beds are. Despite shifting the four extra inches of a standard King from width to length, the California King somehow still looks a lot larger. They are often more difficult to fit through a doorway and harder to fit into a room’s floor plan in terms of space. 

 As for the standard King, the extra six inches in width (76″x80″) makes these beds look small compared to a California King but humongous compared to a Queen. When you need more width to accommodate more people in the bed or greater circumference of the people in the bed, you get the standard King. When you are as tall and thin as an NBA player, you get the California King to accommodate the body’s length instead of the size of one’s waist. 

 In terms of the number of people you can fit in these King size beds, that all depends on the people’s size. For the sake of argument, if you are talking about average adults of average weight and height, under two hundred pounds and not over six feet tall. You could sleep between three and five people with reasonable comfort in a standard king and one or two less in the California King. (Remember, the California King is longer, not wider, than the standard King.)

 On occasion, homeowners may purchase these huge beds with the idea in mind that a child or two may join the bed after a nightmare or a restless night. Whatever your reasoning, and whatever type of King size bed you choose, you will have more than enough room to sleep comfortably. 

Challenges With Space:  King or California King

 As with any bed, you want to be sure that you have enough room to walk around the bed. If you can’t, then the bed is too big for the room. There are some suggestions for the size of the room you need to accommodate the largeness of King beds, and this includes adequate space to walk around them, get in and out of bed without banging your toes, knees, or head, and make the bed without having to be on the bed to do it.

 For a standard King, it is suggested that your master bedroom be at least 12 feet square, or 12’x12′, although you will find that to be a tight fit. It would be better fit if your master bedroom is a couple of extra feet in one or both directions.

 For a California King, you will need the room to be at least two to four feet longer in at least one dimension to accommodate the bed’s added length. Even then, you have to make sure that the position of the length of the bed fits with visually aesthetic placement in the room, and it doesn’t block any heating or cooling vents. 

King vs Queen Bed

 A King is bigger than a Queen but by how much? A Queen size bed is 60″x80″, a full 16″ narrower than a standard King. 

 A Queen can easily fit through most bedroom doors, a definite plus if you have tight angles and corners in your house or apartment. Smaller bedrooms don’t look quite as crowded with a Queen, and larger bedrooms look very spacious with a Queen versus a standard King in them. Additionally, when it comes to a King vs Queen bed, you can move around a Queen to put on linens more easily. The cost of a Queen is significantly less too. 

Size Considerations for a Queen Bed

 SleepWorld advises that you have a bedroom space of about 10’x14′ for a Queen. This is more than adequate space for a Queen, and any extra space you have lends itself well to other pieces of bedroom furniture. When you consider that a Queen’s dimensions in feet are 5’x6.75′ long, a 10’x14′ space is room enough for this size bed. 

Additional Considerations for Cost

 The bigger the bed, the more costly it will be. That goes without saying. However, it isn’t just the box spring and mattress, rails, and bed style itself that will be costly with a larger bed. The linens you will need are going to cost more as well. It takes an enormous amount of cloth to make sheets and a comforter that fits a King or California King bed. 

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