Buying Guide: Adjustable Base Beds

Buying Guide: Adjustable Base Beds

Whether you know it or not, one of the most valuable things in your life is your bed. A good night’s sleep sets a positive tone for the day, but if your bed hasn’t been treating you well, you might start looking for a new mattress only. But have you ever considered that maybe your mattress is only part of the problem, or possibly not the problem at all? If you’re always struggling to find just the right sleeping position and trying to improvise head and foot inclines with your pillows, you might want to turn your attention to adjustable base beds.

The Benefits

Adjustable base beds come with a moveable foundation that allows you incline or recline the head end and foot end of your mattress to achieve a more comfortable sleeping position. While you can buy these mattresses for the simplicity of comfort, they’re also fantastic for decreasing joint pain, increasing blood circulation, and allowing more comfortable breathing. If you don’t need an entire bed, you can also buy the bases on their own – they work with just about any standard mattress, as long as you buy the right size, of course.

The Build

The build is very important for adjustable base beds says Sleepworld Mattress Store.

When you’re looking into adjustable base beds, you want to be sure that the engineering is reliable. The base should come in stable and sturdy material, the edges and seams should be firm and show no risk of coming apart, and the finish should be pleasing to the eye. When gathering your first impressions, you’ll also want to consider how well the piece will or won’t fit in with your home’s aesthetic.

Looking at adjustable base beds isn’t just about the looking, though. The next is getting on and taking it for a spin. Try out every function available, not only to test your comfort but to test out how smoothly the bed runs and how quickly the base responds to adjustment commands. Listen to it too, the quieter the machinery runs, the more sound the engineering.

The Features

Adjustable base beds come in varieties, and there are many features to be had. For comfortable sleeping, you’ll want to keep an eye out for beds with lumbar support, enhanced neck support, and massage features. Zero gravity is also one of the best features you can look for. In a zero-gravity mode, your legs raise at an incline, and your upper torso is lowered at a recline, lifting your lower body just slightly above heart level and distributing your weight evenly, taking off all the pressure on your body.

Aside from bodily comfort features, adjustable base beds may come with other features such as wireless backlit remotes, nightlights under the bed, and smartphone connectivity. That’s right, some of these beds may connect to your phone by mobile application and allow you to control the settings of your base and even implement multiple settings at once. Some also allow you to save your most-used settings so you can try out other features without forgetting how to get back to that perfect spot.

Bedframe Compatibility

Most adjustable base beds are compatible with any standard bed frame if you can’t bear to get rid of yours or can’t afford to buy a different one at the moment. If you need to do a little tweaking, many bases may come with bed risers to match the height that you need. Give your manufacturer a call if you aren’t too sure about the size of your bed, and they should give you the dimensions and specifications.

Split or Solid

Adjustable base beds can cater to your sleeping needs says Sleepworld Mattress Store.

Buying a bed for yourself is easy because all you need to think about is you. A solid adjustable foundation, which is all one piece, is all you’ll need to cater to your sleeping needs, but what if you’re sharing? When you’re sharing the bed with someone else who might have different needs than you, you’ll want to look at split adjustable base beds.

These types of beds usually come in king size to create two twin halves, but sometimes you can also find them in queens. With split foundations, the two halves can be adjusted independently of one another, usually with two separate remotes. This way, both you will achieve the best comfort for you, you’ll both wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, and you’ll both go to bed feeling good about sharing the space.

The Company

Adjustable base beds are intricate pieces of machinery, and when it comes to machinery, you don’t want to get ripped off. When buying your bed, always deal with a long-running company with a quality reputation. The salespeople should be able to answer your questions, and the customer service representatives should be well-trained. Additionally, if you can do research on the company on your own, do so, because it’s better to know who offers quality products before you go out blind and start shopping.

Last but not least, the company you’re buying from should have explicit warranties. You don’t want to deal with anyone who’s going to beat around the bush and avoid your most pressing concerns, so if the policies aren’t crystal clear about what they cover and what they don’t, it’s better not to take your chances. Like all machinery, an adjustable bed is subject to failures and broken parts, and while an excellent adjustable bed shouldn’t give you issues for a while, there’s always that chance of something going wrong.

Always investigate for quality engineering and desirable features wherever possible. Getting a good night’s rest is essential to your health, and if you’re going ahead with an adjustable bed, you want one that’s going to work and work well.

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